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Rental rates

View of the house and the garden

Since we use the “Villa Bluewater” as a vacation home ourselves, we place great emphasis on the condition of our house and we have therefore equipped it with everything needed for a relaxing stay. To ensure such a standard of quality we have well qualified, German and English-speaking property managers on site also serving as a contact for you in case you have any questions or concerns.
In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, the property managers will welcome you the day after your arrival and familiarize you with everything you need to know. They will certainly give you more information and helpful tips for your stay.

  length of stay rental rates peer week
description beginning end house
main-season 01. Dec. 2023 31. May. 2024 USD 1435,00
offf-season 13. Apr. 2024 30. Nov. 2025 USD 1365,00
low-season 01. Jun. 2024 30. Nov. 2024 USD 1365,00
main-season 01. Dec. 2024 31. May. 2025 USD 1435,00
Christmas and New Year main season + 20%

Kurs at 19. Apr. 2024: 1 USD = 1,0000 USD (Subject to correction)



For all rental rates is the currency of USD the base. The possibility of conversion is intended only as a means for you and is subject to change. For the exchange rates we use the daily by the "European Central Bank" published reference rates.

Additional notes about rental rates and the rental

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